FYI: Hollywood Citizens Association responds to District 96 request to purchase land & offers a

Please click on link below to review the school district's (D96) proposal to purchase land at 3435 Hollywood Avenue and to read the Hollywood Citizens Association's (HCA) counter proposal to D96 in regards to their offer to purchase land at 3435 Hollywood Avenue.

D96's proposal

HCA counter proposal

Please note that you are welcome and encouraged to share your thoughts on the initial and counter proposals via e-mail with the D96 Board of Education and Superintendent, Martha Ryan-Toye and the HCA. Please use the following contact information:

D96 Board of Education e-mail:

HCA Website:

Please also mark your calendars for a D96 special board meeting in the Hollywood School Gym on Thursday, October 30th at 7:30 p.m.

District 96 News Update and Invitation